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Migraine Symptoms

Headaches have been classified into three different types:

  1. Traction/Inflammatory
  2. Tension (muscle - contraction)
  3. Vascular

  • Traction/Inflammatory headaches are due to disease and can be caused by mass lesions such as brain tumors, hematomas and cerebral hemorrhage.   If you have a sudden onset of headache without a history of chronic headaches we strongly suggest you consult your physician immediately.  

  • Tension headaches are characterized by the muscles contracting.    Some tension headaches can occur due to previous trauma as well as poor posture and disturbances involving the muscles of the mastication (biting muscles).  

    • Symptoms of a tension headache include:

      • A pressure or tightening sensation primarily in the forehead, temples and back of the neck

      • Mild to moderate pain or soreness

      • Bilateral sides of the head

      • Not exacerbated by physical activity

    • Most people experiencing occasional tension-type headaches will use simple, over-the-counter analgesics such as ibuprofen, to obtain relief.  However, there are treatments that can alleviate tension headaches by treating the cause of the headache.  If you experience chronic tension type headaches, AZ Migraine Relief can help you.  

  • Vascular Headaches is the third classification of headache due to tendency of vascular dilation which produces the headache phase.  The vascular dilation is due to various triggers including:

    • Menses

    • Fever

    • Stress

    • Weather

    • Altitude

    • Foods that contain vasoactive substances and vasodilators such as nitrates

  • Vascular headaches include:

    • Migraine (with or without aura)

    • Cluster

    • Hypertensive headache

  • Migraine Symptoms include

    • Suffering from intense, pulsing pain

    • Unilateral side of the head

    • Often accompanied by nausea or sensitivity to light

    • Usually made worse by physical activity

    • Sometimes accompanied by visual disturbances called aura

    • Migraines usually last from 4 to 72 hours


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